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Synchronize Outlook

Did you know you can synchronize Outlook email on multiple computers using free software?

There’s no need for an IT specialist or expensive software. Just follow the solution outlined in the Easy-Email guides and do it yourself.

The Easy-Email Essential Guide to Outlook (2003, 2007 and 2010 available) shows you step by step how to synchronize your Outlook email on multiple computers and mobile devices.

The Essential Guide is a taster of what you’ll get in the Advanced Guide and offers a powerful solution in its own right. I’ll send a FREE copy of this guide to the address you enter in the Subscription Box. By the way, this site is a sub-site of Easy-Email specifically for Outlook  users so yes, we are allowed to give this away!

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This video shows how, using this solution, you can have all your email perfectly and automatically synchronized across as many computers as you choose.

What will the Easy-Email Outlook Sync solution do for me?

This particular solution uses Gmail as your free IMAP server. What this means is that you are using Gmail as a synchronization hub for all of your email.

You get to use Outlook as you are used to but you also get all the benefits of webmail.

  • Set up Outlook  sync on as many computers and mobile devices as you like. Send an email from your laptop and it’s in the sent mail folder on your other computers, delete an email and it’s deleted everywhere, move an email into a folder and it’s in the correct folder on all your computers
  • If you don’t want to use a Gmail address or the Gmail interface, you don’t have to. Gmail is there as an option if you want to use a computer that’s not your own.
  • Otherwise you continue to use Outlook and you can email offline and enjoy speedy attachment handling just as you are used to.

All that is in the FREE Essential guide so try it out and see how much time it saves you… it’s a very valuable solution in itself and may well meet all your needs without having to buy anything!  In fact, any other solutions that allow you to synchronize Outlook cost upwards of $40 … and that’s just what we show you in our free guide. (Note: this table shows how the Easy-Email solution gives you the best of webmail and the best of an email client – it does not show the additional advantages of the Advanced solution… yes, there’s more!)

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And the catch is? Well there are 2 catches actually…!

1. We want you to be sure you’re getting what you expect because we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the Advanced Guide. So far we’ve had hardly any returns and lots of positive feedback and we’d like to keep it that way. If you try the Essential solution and like it, we know you’ll love the Advanced.

2. Not everyone has the ability to follow a manual. These guides are set out with very clear instructions and screenshots for every step of the way but we know that some people just don’t want to do the work themselves. If you would prefer to pay your way out of the hassle of your current email setup you can either a) buy the Advanced Guide and pay an IT person to follow it for you (don’t pay for them to try and work it out without the guide, it’ll cost you a fortune!) or b) you can pay for a hosted exchange solution or some other expensive synchronization software. If however you can follow the manual, this is what you can look forward to:

Your tutorials are wonderful.I have converted my Thunderbird and my wife’s Outlook accounts to IMAP and we are both syncing well. Between us we have one desktop, two laptops and one iphone and now all devices have consistent emails.
Joe Maranzano

So if you know this is the solution you are looking for then you can check out the full extent of the Advanced solution at Multiple Email Addresses but if you’re in any way uncertain please try the free guide first – just sign up on the right and we’ll send it to you straight away.

Important! Please make sure you read our article “Naughty Outlook” before you set up Outlook synchronization if you are using Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007.

2 Responses to “Synchronize Outlook”

  • Ferenc:

    Besides syncing email I am also looking to be able to sync the rest of my outlook such as calender, contacts and tasks.
    do you have such guides?
    thank you

    • admin:

      Yes, we do have a guide for Contacts and Calendar Synchronization.

      For Outlook there are two solutions:

      * A free software solution, which only syncs contacts and calendar and has some limitations.
      * A solution with a piece of software that costs USD20 per computer, which has no limitations and will allow you to sync your notes and tasks as well.

      Our guide gives you the details on what the limitations on the free solution are and how to set up both the free and the paid solution.

      You can find the guide on this page:

      I hope this answers your question.

      Best regards,


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